Like My Birth Mother, My Adopted Mom Had An Abortion Too

I often get the opportunity to share my adoptive mom’s story whenever I share my own. This is because I’ve known about her choice to end the life of her unborn baby since I was a child. She, like many women, pursed abortion at the age of 27 after her boyfriend showed little interest in having a baby and starting a family. Tragically, this was her only pregnancy, and now she speaks openly against abortion as the regional coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

Her story points to a reality many ignore, which is the majority of abortions that take place do so following some form of coercion, that is influence and pressure from a partner, parent or loved one. This means that women are not making the decision to abort because it is actually what they want for their baby; they are having abortions because people in their lives are encouraging them to do so.

Coercion can be subtle or it can be more serious and include threats or force. Either way, women deserve better than a society that tells them their best option for their future includes aborting their innocent baby. For my birth mother and my adoptive mother, abortion wreaked havoc on their lives, and during my birth mother’s time on Earth my adopted mother encouraged her to seek healing. This was because not only did she pursue abortion with me, she had them in the past and always regretted her choices. Although she is not alive anymore, I know she has found eternal healing that only God can provide. 

For my adoptive mother, I am amazed at how much God has healed and brought restoration in her life. I will never replace the baby she aborted, but God in his goodness granted her the chance to be a mother, and now even a grandmother. On a daily basis, I get to watch how God blesses her with the gift of my son, Jesse. There are simply no words to describe the amazing grace of God, so instead I will give you a glimpse of it in the pictures below. 



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