Meet Sarah


Welcome to my site! I look forward to sharing my life with you and you may take this as my formal invitation to get to know me a little better. This may sound odd, but it is a big deal for me to share my life in this public way because I never planned to tell others my whole story. In fact, at one time I thought I never would, but here I am anyway because I know if God wants to use it to make even the slightest difference for life, foster care or adoption, I will for His purposes.



This brings me to the first important detail about me: I am a Christian. I am also a wife, mom and pro-life advocate. Before I tell you about my childhood, I should tell you about my life now because I believe it is the best part of my story.   I’ve been married for eight years to David and we welcomed our first son, Jesse, in the summer of 2017. Like many parents, we both agree he is the best thing to ever happen to us!

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Adoptive Parents Pictured at Jesse’s baptism

We currently reside in New Orleans, Louisiana near my adopted parents (pictured) and some of my biological family, and I work for Louisiana Right to Life. I’ve written many pieces on my own life and also on a variety of pro-life issues. I hope you take a few minutes and check those out! If you want to hear my story before reading about it, watch the video below!

In short, I was delivered by New Orleans abortionist Dr. Ifeanyi Okpalobi at six and a half months (26-weeks) after my birth mother, an immigrant from Honduras, was referred to him because his costs were low. When I was born, I wasn’t breathing and he wanted to leave me for dead. My mother, in that quick moment in time, fought for my life and that is a big reason why I’m here today.  I spent nearly eight years in the Louisiana foster care system and was finally adopted at the age of nine.

State-Mandated Family Foster Visit

In my biological family (some pictured), I have ten siblings but in my adopted family, I am an only child. I’m thankful to be alive even though my life before my adoption was difficult.  My hope is that after hearing my story more people will believe that choosing life, regardless of difficult circumstances, is always the best choice for women and their families.

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